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December 17, 2008



I'm glad you don't feel any older.:) (who does on their Birthday?)lol.Hope you get more hours of sleep.:)

Jen de Jong

happy belated b-day from one sleep-deprived new parent to another! wow! i can't believe you're 30! seems like it was yesterday when i met you and the guys...where has the time gone????


Just wait until you're looking 50 square in the eye and your mind still thinks you can do the things you did when you were in your 20's. You'll really hear from your body then! The soreness from the gym no longer visits - it takes up residence :-) Happy Birthday, it really gets better in spite of it all.


Wow, I haven't checked in for a few weeks, and look at all I missed. Congrats on the birth of your son, happy birthday, and I'll be praying for you.



Sleeping on "it" is a good idea when you are a new dad. Fortunately the middle of the night feedings don't last forever. IT's a good thing to remember when you just don't think you can do it another night.
And I firmly believe sleep deprivation is most definitely a factor. :)

Glad you felt loved and appreciated, because you are. :)


Welcome to your 30's, friend :-) Have any advice for those of us who are struggling through the early 20's? (seriously... 20-25 seems more confusing than 13-18 ever did...)

Hope you got some sleep :-)

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