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January 18, 2009


Keri J

What a little blessing.....


God Bless You all. Love "DownHere" music! Keep it coming. Is that Mac Powell on the accompanying music for your baby's slide show? Who else is singing? How 'bout you guys play with Third Day???!!! COME TO ORLANDO, please!
Also, very concerned to see "BabyWise" book in the slide show. That is a dangerous book for parents, esp. new parents. It is not Biblical. Baby's need their needs met immediately and their cries are cues for distress. Take care and enjoy your little wonder.

Heidi Mittelberg

SOoooo precious! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. :o) Loved the JOY that is so evident between the three of you -- loved the song, too. Hallelujah. . .


Hi Jeremy!
I'm a big fan of Downhere from Brazil and I love the pictures! Your baby is so cute!! I have a baby too, he's two years old and I love taking pictures of him...even when he doesn't want to. I know it's hard to have a baby, you can't sleep, you can't eat...but enjoy every moment with your little gift from God...because in a blink of an eye he will grow up... because this is the best feeling of fatherhood... God bless you and your lovely family!


PS: sorry about the grammar we speak portuguese.


Sara did an EXCELLENT job with these photos! I like how he screamed after being swaddled until he got one arm free. Riley did that exact same thing!! You guys are such a gorgeous family. :-)


Sooo cute! Wow,1600 pictures!Yeah,I'm also a photogenic person. :)


Wonderful pictures! The "Road Map to Holland" was a creative touch. Congratulations again on the birth of your beautiful son!


Okay, so I figured I'd better clear something up. It appears my comment regarding my wife could be interpreted as "...she ONLY looks good with a paper bag over her head." This was NOT the intent of my post - for the record. Rather, I was wanting to compliment my wife and say that she looks good in ANYTHING - anytime, anywhere. There - consider the record set straight. :)

claudie brown

loved the picture album. liam just gets more handsome and amazing as time goes on. can't believe he's already six weeks old. i especially loved the pictures of the three of you together. the music brought tears to my eyes. it fit the pics perfect.stay strong and continue loving each other and living for the Lord.


Great pictures. You are a beautiful family.

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad

OH MY GOODNESS! These are AMAZING photos! So beautiful. So touching.


Oh, that was just beautiful. My son had a little natural mohawk probably until he was 2.5yo, just loved seeing that on your little guy. And I'm spectacularly pleased to see that you have "Road Map to Holland" as I just love her and am reading that book right now myself. She came and commented on my blog when it was brand new and so I went to look at hers and Wow, the photos of her and Avery made me fall in love with them. I so wanted to be that happy mama getting a big hug from her son! If you haven't been there it's called Pinwheels and is at -- enjoy.


aww. this brought a tear to my eye too! Just beautiful, all of you!!! I can feel the love.

Noticed the "Holland Guide Book"! Made me smile. Also loved the "Canadian Cutie" outfit! Liam is a gorgeous little guy. . just like his Mommy and Daddy! Your friend did an amazing job on the pictures! the music went so well with the images.

Sherri Lavender

Wow. What a beautiful set of pictures. Even brought a tear to my eye. But then I actually went back and read your blog and now I can't stop laughing -- I can't decide whether or not it's a compliment to say that your wife "would look fantastic with a paperbag over her head!"

Anyway, you all look fantastic in the pictures!

Alice the Brit

ADORABLE !!! Great photos

Sarah Potts

Hi Jeremy! I just watched this while eating breakfast---- the pics are GREAT! I loved looking at all of them! Liam is so beautiful! I liked his outfits too! Thanks for sharing it! Have a great show in VA today! We're sad we were able to make the road trip today! Take care, I'm praying for all of you!

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