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February 16, 2009


Chris Hiebert

WOW! (Angela and my collective response). Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing this impressing moment.

I am a mom to 6 children, two are autistic. The behaviors of DS and autistic children are similar, although their appearance is not. As a parent of a special needs child it is hard to take the judgmental glances when our children are just so innocent.

I am so glad God sees the "true beauty" in these precious children. Peaceful to know how God sees his creation, one created in his image.

I think you caught a glimpse of what heaven will be like. Unwavering praise of such sweet blessings.


My little sister has down syndrom and she does the same thing at church :)


I agree with the others, Jeremy. . this was a very touching post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. One of my best friends growing up was Karen, a girl with DS. She was the most genuine, sweet friend I think I've ever had. I loved going to her house to play. She was generous with her time, her attention, her snacks, all her worldly goods and her rib crushing hugs! I loved how she said my name, it was so cute. I loved her. I think the world would be very diminished without our 'teachers'. God bless you, Erin and little Liam.


I pray that the Lord grows Liam to be a worshiping warrior who brings all those around him to the throne of grace and love!


Children ask the most simple questions that require such a complex answer. I am a single mother with three boys, two have disabilities. It's amazing how close the Lord holds the oppressed to His heart. He has had to be everything to me and my children. When you have the Lord- He's all that matters- heed His correction, don't EVER stop studying His word and everything will work out.


I'm really bummed I didn't know you guys were coming to Seattle. I love the new album and would have loved to see some of the new songs performed. Also, my husband and I would have really enjoyed worshiping with you guys.

My grandparents used to babysit for a neighbor girl with DS who is such a blessing in their lives. She includes my grandparent's last name when she tells people what her name is. It makes their day. God bless you and your amazing family.


Most excellent post, Jeremy. Little does he know it, but in his young age my grandson is already teaching me some things about life that I probably wouldn't have learned otherwise.


Wouldn't it be nice if the odd one out were the one *not* worshipping God "their whole being without giving a second thought to what anyone else thinks".


Heck, I have this same kind of feeling when I see a mom and her son with Ds at Costco or an employee with Ds stocking shelves at Target. I can't imagine how powerful that must have been for you in that setting.

I'm still touched by the time I was struck by how beautiful the little girl with Ds who was in line in front of me at a pizza parlor was. I was pregnant with my second baby at the time so I didn't talk to the mom -- I was afraid she would assume I was scared my baby would have Ds -- but really I was sad that I wouldn't have noticed how beautiful that girl was before I had my son. How many times did I just look through those people? Ugh, the guilt just rocked me.

The feeling hasn't gone away, but in the 3+ years we've had him with us it has gotten a lot easier to start a conversation with kids and their parents, especially when my son isn't with me and I know they are wondering why I'm talking to them. You're in the club now, come say hi!


for more details


I've always said that a Down's child is the closest thing we have to an angel here on earth. Every single one I've ever had the pleasure of working with has been nothing less than a blessing in my life! Liam is your angel Jeremy...


I cried. So beautiful thank you for sharing it! How many people choose to abort when they receive the news that the baby has Down Syndrome not knowing that they have receive the best gift ever! I have heard that a kid with Down Sydrome is a very intelligent kid! You and Erin are going to be just good because he'll grow knowing the Lord! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Emma Jean

That was such a beautiful post, Jeremy. Thank you for sharing!!


My eyes got misty just reading this, so I can only imagine how you must have felt in that moment. I have a feeling that you can look forward to experiencing many more moments just like it.


I saw him too. And I wished everybody else would have stood and worshiped so wholeheartedly rather than keeping that superglue bond to their chairs for most of the show.

Isn't that what we all wish we could do? Worship without giving care to what others might think of us? If we could be all caught up in that rather than propriety, then in turn how the person next to us is worshiping would be inconsequential to us... But I think it would be rather pleasing to God.

We were unfortunately in the second to last row in front of Dave, et al. There was a little girl sitting directly behind me with her mom and brother, singing rather well actually... And I was wondering if she could fathom the depth of the meaning of the lyrics, and then it hit me that perhaps at that moment, it didn't matter, because you could just tell she was singing to God alone and that was what was pleasing to his ears.

Give it up for the children. Oh how much they teach us.


My pastor has 4 children... his oldest son has down syndrome.

It is so neat to see the love this father has for his son... and the son for his father. This child may seem to be unaware of his surroundings, but he knows how to worship and he comes up with parts of bible verses at the perfect moments. It is neat to see him walk up to his father mid-serman and give him a hug, or say 'amen' out of the blue.

If you truly think about it... even those of us who 'seem' together will do 'inappropriate' things in the eyes of our father... unfortunately, we allow pride to cloud our eyes and bring judgment on others. Down Syndrome people don't have that pride... they don't judge... they love unconditionally, just as our Father loves us- regardless of our mistakes.

I am excited to see the joy your little boy will bring you... and the testimony that you will form together, as a family.


Liam is so blessed to have you both as parents. You have so much love to give and God has used you to bless so many others with your talents. He is one lucky kid. And anyone who has the opportunity to have Liam in their lives is just as blessed! I am such a fan of downhere and following you on twitter and reading your blog has only made me love you and your band more. You are a great father and I look forward to reading more about life in the Rockstar household.

p.s. I was in Tulsa at the Bethlehem Skyline tour the night AFTER your wife went into labor. You were the only one I didn't get to meet. So I plan on stalking you next time you guys are in town.

Take care and God bless!

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