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February 24, 2009



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LMAO!! Awesome. Brilliant. Fantastic. That really made my day.
Thanks for the share.

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LOL.. That was a good one.
I am surely going to share this URL with my friends :)


That's hilarious! Really awesome that the band guys would do that!


Thats a good one, and true!
When we listen to the media it's easy for people to forget that rockstars are alot like the rest of us. And Jeremy-enjoy these small moments they don't last!


Funny. That's reality, though.


oops! my first comment had the wrong link to my blog! weird.




That's awesome! And so true... Marrtel does have a way with words!

kaitlyn tillman

awww.2 cute. what are the rest of the messages and how did they get presented (diper bag, original package-ing, ect)?

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

After all these years, it only takes something tiny like this to make that song get stuck in my head, "Rockstars need money . . . " So yes, I agree with Carrisa! How fun that your friends did that for you!


This should be a bonus verse to the song. Rockstars Change Diapers... they can't make their wives do it everytime...

It's got a nice ring to it right?

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