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March 27, 2009



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What a pleasant surprise to find on your blog! I've been a fan of Daniel Hannan ever since I saw this speech last year. He has a great blog that I use to keep up to date with England's politics:
Lately, he's been on Fox News programs and radio talk-shows warning Americans about universal healthcare. England has had it for a couple years now, and it has really messed up their nation. He's definitely passionate about standing up for what he believes in. How I wish someone would do the same in this country!


woah. . that was so well said. I was hanging on every word


This is now rising fast on YouTube and was the speech that preceded Daniel Hannan's:


He certainly sounds more righteous with the British accent. :)


we shoot from the hip on this side of the pond! This is pretty common, you should hear the discussions in our Northern Ireland assembly haha


A writer and eloquent speaker who is calling for change - this sounds familiar, although this one has a political philosophy different from that of the writer and eloquent speaker who has become president of the U.S. Although I confess that I prefer Mr. Hannan's political views to those of Mr. Obama, I must also confess that a far superior hope for change is found in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its effectiveness is not found in the skill or wit of an eloquent speaker, but in the power of God to transform people's hearts and lives. This may sound strange to some, but the labors of those who spread the gospel, including you and your band, will prove to be weightier than the labors of those whose work is merely political, even though they may be more popular at present.


I loved this speech! What an inspiration. I've put together an Electronic Book collection of 51 of his speeches in the European Parliament (and in them, he continuously stands up for economic and personal freedoms!) It's being sold for a very reasonable price here:

I wish American politicians spoke like this! Maybe they will be inspired to do so.

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