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April 18, 2009



Look at those legs go!
He's definitely got the coordination of a drummer. So sweet! :-)


what a sweet boy!!! I agree, he's a handsome little guy! Erin sounds so sweet talking to him.

claudie brown

i told you a while back that he is a future Rockstar. he's sooooo handsome and really has rhythm. he might be a dancer the way those legs are moving. we enjoy the updates on your precious family.


completely adorable.


he is so handsome. can't even handle it.
So glad we found that bib! hahaha! we couldn't have found one more fitting! ;]

Sarah Potts

hahahaaaa cute! That's the bib we gave you guys, right? He sounds good! I'm excited for the day when we get to meet him! Hopefully this summer?!?!

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