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April 04, 2009


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The Spanish Plateresque design church opened in 1940 and is meant to hearken back to Toledo’s namesake in Spain. It is the only church of its design in North America.


He looks like you!


He looks like he's waving in the second pic. What a cutie!


He is so adorable!!! So handsome!!!!

kaitlyn tillman

he is.

claudie brown

Can't believe how fast Liam's growing. he just gets more beautiful each time you post new pictures. the bunnies are saying, "Yep, future rockstar!!"

Holly Ross

I just showed Riley the pictures of Liam and she is signing "More!!" He's adorable!!! How DID they get the bunny to do that?

Cibele (littleismuch)

He is very cute! Adorable photo.
Looks like the bunny is tending him :)


Liam is super cute!!!! oh my gosh, his little chubby legs and arms. .his lovely eyes. just wanna hug and squeeze him!!

Sherri Lavender

SUPER cute!!!

No one told me about Easter outfits and Easter pictures... My poor neglected boys...


Liam is definitely adorable. :) He doesn't look to sure about the whole thing in the second shot, though. LOL And the bunny is cute, too.

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

So sweet! I don't think he cares too much for the bunny! Can say as I blame him. It's as big as he is!


Liam is such a cutie :-)
The bunny almost doesn't look real... how did they convince it to pose like that?

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