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April 23, 2009



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I wish we could be there, but I'll be at my sister-in-law's wedding reception during that exact time on that day! Hope a lot of people are able to attend though!

Bill Lurwick


Great to catch up with you at GMA.
Wish I could be there.


Bill Lurwick


Hi! I have a son with Down Syndrome named Jordan. He's 23 years old and I am so blessed to be his father. He has a drum set also. He played drums in his Junior High School stage band. He definitely has the BEAT! Our music director cracks up when he plays the "air drums" during worship at our church! God bless you and your family.


I plan to be there. Looking forward to meeting Erin & Lian.

claudie brown

heather and i will be there. can't wait to meet erin and liam.

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