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May 28, 2009


HTTP testing

Hmmm wow!! He is so Cute!! I love this photo!! Very nice!!


Chad, I thought you knew better by now to leave the "downhere" jokes alone... :) Looking forward to getting some quality hang time on Sunday!

Chad Jarnagin

it's going to be an honor to be with you guys for both my friend. it's been a fun journey so far from meeting you a week or so after you all moved err uhh... down here. ;)


Oh, Jeremy! I wish I could be there for you and Erin. But living in the Midwest, it would be a long trek...but i hope I get the chance to finally meet Liam and Erin in Nashville in July.

Prayers and blessings are being sent your way on Liam's big day!(hey...that rhymed!)



We are so happy that God has blessed you with sweet Liam.If we could we'd be there for his dedication to the Lord. Just know that we are praying for you guys as you raise him!
Have a wonderful day!


Kevin Ogburn

Both events sound wonderful. I don't know you personally (met you briefly with my wife and two daughters after the concert in Everett, PA), but as the father of a son with special needs, I wanted to welcome you to a type of parenthood you surely did not plan on, but one that does present its own special blessings along with its unique challenges.

God bless you guys on your special day.


I have my own church to be at, but I will definitely be praying for you guys. I know it will be a blessed day for all three of you.


Sounds like a fantastic day. It's hard to tell whether Liam is more blessing or blessed. :) Maybe just the right combination of both.

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