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May 26, 2009


Nursing apparel

wow! indeed, very cool Jeremy, how are you? we miss you anyways, congratulations and i wish you all the best!

Sara Thiessen

Hey, way to go Jeremy!! I miss all the excitement from when Warren used to run. So cool you're able to participate in such an exciting event!!


You could TOTALLY do it, Fidi! In fact, why don't you just plan on joining me next year at this same event. :) Nothing to it!


Hey Jeremy,
I've never heard of a sprint triathlon. Those look like distances I could actually do! Haha..way to go buddy.

kaitlyn tillman


never would have thought you'd be a clysedale though.


Way to go Jeremy!! Keep it up!!


I've done a couple sprint triathlons, too. Quite fun.

I guess it's too late to get ready for the one in my area this year (about a month away). Next year I'll have to start training for it.

As much fun as I have, there is no way I am going for a full Ironman. I'm not insane. :)


Very cool Jeremy. I wish I could get myself motivated to get back into a regular fitness routine. Here's to more events like this.

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