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August 08, 2009


chemistry nursing

i pity the children..i agree to Layla..Help save RIF's funding!!

duties certified nursing assistant

I LOVE the lightening tee!



He's so cute! And your so sweet in the picture. It reminds me of my niece. How ols is he in the picture?

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red cross cna classes

H, as sick as it sounds I completely agree. It is about time an american car company gets their "box." The styling of this is no worse than any others, and in some cases it appears better.

I hope designers kept what I feel to be one of the best features of these type of vehicles (Xb, Fit, Cube), that being the entrance height of the vehicle. I think that is one of the biggest reasons older folks like them, they don't sit low and the seating position is upright.

What worries me about this vehicle is that under the GMC label, it is likely to be priced higher than others. But hopefully there would be a little badge engineering, with some style modifications...

Nursing apparel

oh so sweet! and really a cute baby how old is he on this pic?

Robyn Klobucher

What great pictures! Liam is adorable! My husband and I have adopted 4 children with Down Syndrome, after having 3 birth children. Our children have brought us so much joy! They have been our "Jesus with skin on" to all those around them. Vanessa, Isaac, Olivia, and Keenan have taught us so much more about the love of Christ non-verbally, than we could ever teach them with our words and actions. We are blessed over and over again each day that goes by. I just wanted to thank you for bringing your music, and message to the world!
Robyn Klobucher

gigi wathey

This is my first blog ever and have been wondering how I could contact you guys. I just want to tell you that you probably saved my life last year. your song, Forgiven, hit me between the eyes. I HAD been carrying my Own chains. Thank you so much for listening to God when you put these words down on your paper first. I've always know about forgivness, but this, OMG, this is what did it for me. Real life words, so plain and yet so profound. I have carried guilt for something many years ago. I knew God had forgiven and probably the others had forgiven me, but I could not forgive myself. I can tell you the spot on the road where I was when I was set free. Please, continue to listen to quiet whispering of the Holy Spirit and boldly record what He gives you. Thank you so much.

Mary Jo KVistad

Congrats on a beautiful baby! Loved your concert in Scotsbluff Ne! I had heard you on our Christian radio, The Bridge, and was intrigued by your unique sound.
My great grandparents are French Canadian. I grew up in Minnesota and went on vacation many times to Canada. I also have a Liam in my family as I am his grandmother. What a blessing children are. He was born Jan 2, 2009.
Will keep you all in prayer.
How about a tour to the troups? My son is serving in Iraq now.
Mary Jo


What a cutie!

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