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October 04, 2009



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[...]i pity the children..i agree to Layla..Help save RIF's funding!![.....]

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i pity the children..i agree to Layla..Help save RIF's funding!!

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Hey Kevin, we very much appreciate the sentiment, but the rumors of our death are somewhat exaggerated. You won't miss

ANY of the good writing you enjoyed in Book World (and we hope to keep using you, too!). In the DC area, we'll keep running a

full range of book reviews and book features (they'll just be a lot easier to find), and folks like you who read us online won't

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H, as sick as it sounds I completely agree. It is about time an american car company gets their "box." The styling of this is no worse than any others, and in some cases it appears better.

I hope designers kept what I feel to be one of the best features of these type of vehicles (Xb, Fit, Cube), that being the entrance height of the vehicle. I think that is one of the biggest reasons older folks like them, they don't sit low and the seating position is upright.

What worries me about this vehicle is that under the GMC label, it is likely to be priced higher than others. But hopefully there would be a little badge engineering, with some style modifications...

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Sorry for posting two similar post. I was unable to notice that the new posts are placed at the top part, usually it is placed at the bottom. I was thinking that my post was not posted so I posted again. My apologies.


Nursing PJs

How cute! Cute little baby! You're so beautiful!

Nursing PJs

How cute little baby! Cutie baby you're so beautiful! :)


The pictures are so beautiful. This makes me want to get a kid even quicker day.

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oh how are you? it seems to be your quite busy right now? is it? well, wish you all the best! and good luck!


Gorgeous pics! (and love the cloth diapers and Jack Johnson)

Oh Jeremy.....he is absolutely adorable!

Melanie Ajinov

Liam is so precious!

These are absolutely adorable! He's a very photogenic kid... I just love those big eyes and his little "pouts"! :)


wow how he is growing and developing


Oh, Jeremy! These are adorable!!! So many of them made me smile and giggle. He is such a little rockstar!

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